Show Stable Schloss Achleiten

Once a year, in the early summer, we open our show stables at Schloss Achleiten and invite the international dressage elite to the CDI*** Achleiten. An invitation that many world class riders have accepted in the past 20 years.

Rugs from Back on Track

Horses are high performance athletes and must be treated with special care. The sheets and rugs from Back on Track are a special help for me because they are all made of functional materials that help to promote circulation.

Website Agentur Equitaris

Competent advice, creative solutions, perfect service – when it comes to external presentation, I have found a reliable partner in the German Agentur Equitaris run by Dr. Tanja Becker, as our websites impressively demonstrate ...

Riding gear from euro-star

Fashion or function? I want both! The name euro-star has stood for high quality riding clothes that fit perfectly and look really good since 1959. Today, euro-star is one of the world’s leading brands for equestrian sport and is present in more than 40 countries. 

Feed from iWest

"Your food should be your medicine“, Hippocrates was supposed to have said. Based on this principle, iWest produces tasty supplements and diet feed that is guaranteed fresh in the same high quality as food for humans. At least our horses are crazy about them!

Saddles from Niedersüß

Together with the saddle-maker Karl Niedersüß in Rohrbach, Austria, I developed a saddle model of my own that allows the best possible communication between horse and rider. My mother already rode on saddles and with bridles made Niedersüß when she was young, also when she won gold at the EC and Olympic Games.

Tierärztliche Klinik für Pferde

The German Equine Veterinary Clinic Dr. Genn and Partner are respected internationally and we trust them explicitly. Their special areas: surgery, sport medicine, orthopedics, performance physiology with internal medicine, gynecology, insemination and embryo transfer.

Gloves from Roeckl

The right feeling – that’s what’s important for me when I ride and handle horses. Riding gloves made by Roeckl fit like a second skin, always provide a good hold (even in wet weather) and allow you to tighten the girth and take off a bridle with your gloves on. 

Walding zoo and riding stables Walding

A visit to the small, natural paradise of the Walding zoo and riding stables in the lovely mill district, just 14 kilometers away from the Upper Austrian capital of Linz, is something I can warmly recommend. Even better is adopting an animal in the zoo, as I have done…

Gestüt Vorwerk

For more than 135 years, the Vorwerk family ran one of the most famous stallion stations in Europe at Gestüt Vorwerk in Cappeln/GER which was the home of stallions such as Furioso II, Zeus, Rubinstein, etc. We took over this beautiful facility with the long Vorwerk family tradition in 2009 and have concentrated our own breeding activities here.

Riding helmets from von

The greatest possible protection, outstanding comfort and a sporty look – Uvex understands something about riding helmets! Only the highest quality materials are used and the helmets meet the highest safety specifications – and they easily pass the strictest quality controls.