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The Vorwerk farm in Cappeln, mentioned in documents for the first time in 1310, is one of the most well-known and most beautiful in Oldenburg Münsterland which is located in the heart of Lower Saxony, Germany. The stud farm, which was founded in 1875, was well-known for its stallions such as Macro, Ludenberg, Furioso II, More Magic xx, Zeus, Inschallah AA, Welt As, Rubinstein and Rohdiamant, just to name a few.

  • 1310: The Vorwerk farm, one of the most beautiful in Oldenburg Münsterland, was mentioned for the first time in documents.
  • 1875: Georg Vorwerk founded a private stallion station, beginning with the stallions Agrarier and Macro.
  • 1968: With the introduction of Furioso II, Georg Vorwerk, the third generation stallion keeper, began a new era in European Warmblood breeding.
  • 1979: My mother took the European Champion title in dressage with Mon Cherie, who was by the Vorwerk stallion More Magic xx, and they also won the 1980 Olympic Games.
  • 1979: The friendship between the Vorwerk and Max-Theurer families began.
  • 1990: After the death of Georg Vorwerk his daughter Gudula and her husband, Jochen Happ, guided the stud farm in the direction of sport.
  • 2002: Countless achievements in dressage rings by Rubinstein, Rohdiamant, Royal Diamond, Don Gregory, etc. were crowned by Olympic team bronze for Relevant under Lisa M. Wilcox/USA.
  • 2008: Paula Vorwerk, the wife of the deceased Georg Vorwerk and Gudula Vorwerk-Happ’s mother, is the Grand Dame of Oldenburg horse breeding.
  • 2009: Gestüt Vorwerk changes owners.

The attachment of our family to Gestüt Vorwerk was kept alive for more than 30 years: e.g. Mon Cherie, with whom my mother became the 1979 European Champion and 1980 Olympic winner, was by the Vorwerk stallion More Magic xx. Augustin OLD, who was bred by my mother, won the Burg Pokal and took fifth at the European Championships, is out of a Rohdiamant daughter.

So when we were looking for a place in southern Oldenburg where we could keep all of our broodmares together, you can’t imagine how ecstatic we were when Gudula Vorwerk-Happ and her husband Jochen Happ offered us Gestüt Vorwerk. By selling the stud farm, the couple wanted to make sure that the tradition of this world-famous Gestüt would live on – an obligation we are very pleased to accept. 

Our goal is to make sure that Gestüt Vorwerk remains the first address when it comes to breeding and sport in the future as well. Accordingly, in 2010 we organized a first rate international show “Fest der Dressur“ for the first time which will now take place annually in Cappeln.

  • We keep all of our broodmares at Gestüt Vorwerk in Cappeln/GER.
  • Our stallions that breed are also at Gestüt Vorwerk. However, their main activity is sport and that is why their availability for breeding is limited.
  • Our mares and foals have extensive pastures to graze on when they are out each day.
  • A view of the stallion stables from the outside ...
  • ... and from the inside
  • The big hall
  • Training at Gestüt Vorwerk while preparing for the Fest der Dressur show, watched by the eagle eyes of my parents
  • The facade of the mare stables
  • The loose stable for young horses in winter
  • Our yearling mares out in winter
  • Gestüt Vorwerk in winter ...