I gained my very first experiences in riding when I was just two years old - on Topy, a small bay pony mare. Later, the ponies Black Jack and Lucky Luke were added and with these two I won my first ribbons at shows. 

My father, Hans Max-Theurer, taught me how to ride. And it is thanks to his teaching that I became so successful in the saddle, then as well as now. After saying goodbye to riding ponies, I went on to win bronze six times in total at the European Championships for junior riders in 1999, 2000 and 2001 with Agrigento and Falcao. In 2002, team and individual silver were added at the European Championships for junior riders Pratoni del Vivaro/ITA riding Falcao.

Instead of switching to the camp of young riders, I started right off with the seniors. And I was successful: In 2003 Agrigento and I won our first Austrian State Champion title. With Weinrausch I worked my way up towards the European Championships and at the age of 17, I was the youngest participant in Hickstead/GBR.

I was very happy that Weinrausch and I put on a good performance in the dressage ring. We had the second best result on the Austrian team and helped Austria to achieve seventh place in the European Championships. With this result, my country qualified for Olympic Games for the first time since 1984.

Participating in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens was a very special experience for me. Achieving 20th place individually was an excellent result which I also owe to Falcao. In the Olympic Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special he demonstrated that he has enormous potential - is spite of the fact that he only had one year of experience in Grand Prix at that time. At 18, I was the youngest rider in the dressage arena - the youngest participant ever in Olympic dressage. Falcao and I justified our nomination with the best result on the Austrian team which finally reached 8th place.

  • Augustin OLD 2007, seven-years old, at a photo shooting with Jacques Toffi and Ludwig von Korff for the magazine, St. Georg
  • Augustin OLD 2009 while working out in the outdoor in Achleiten
  • We were fitted out with clothing for the 2008 Olympic Games in Hong Kong/HKG in Vienna.
  • Falcao OLD at the 2008 Olympic Games in Hong Kong/HKG where we took 27th place.
  • Four years before, at the Olympic Games in Athens/GRE, I was interviewed by an ORF reporter.
  • Eichendorff in his favorite role: Leading the awards ceremony - here in 2011 in Achleiten
  • Isn’t he just awesome? August der Starke 2007 through Ludwiga von Korff’s viewfinder.
  • Munich in awful weather - but the right clothes!
  • Everything went perfectly - Falcao OLD at the CHIO in Aachen/GER
  • I owe my success in the saddle to the lessons my father gave me.
  • Getting ready for the CDI**** in Cappeln/GER 2010 with Augustin OLD
  • What a relief that we don’t have to wear that kind of equipment these days ...
  • Best friends: my brother Johannes and I
  • Also needs to be taken care of: Answering emails and posting news on Facebook
  • You can tell by the hats - my mother and I are on our way to the Ascot horse races.
  • We’re crazy about our dogs, too ...
  • With Moliere in 2011 in the short Tour in Munich/GER
  • No, you will not disturb my ride, I won’t let you!
  • Welcome to Munich/GER.
  • Some cuddling before we’re off to work
  • In dialogue with Bvlgari
  • 2007 Austrian State Champion in Achleiten
  • Correctly presenting a mare and foal - one of the easiest things for me to do, especially if I don’t have to run too far
  • I’m very honored by these congratulations!
  • ... Achleiten, 12:00 noon and the sun is burning down - but my hair still looks good ...
  • Wolfram Wittig/GER has been helping us with training since spring 2012.

The next big goal was to participate at the 2005 European Championships in Hagen a.T.W./GER. A Grand Prix that went well and a good Special meant 21st place over all and the highest ranking rider on the Austrian team which took 10th place. The year 2006 was not just the first year for me to participate in the World Equestrian Games in Aachen/GER where I took a sensational 19th place in the Grand Prix and 29th place in the Special as well as 11th place with the team.

In 2007 at the EC in Turin/ITA, Falcao OLD and I reached the Free-Style Final among the best 15 for the very first time. And Olympic Games were scheduled in 2008 - this time in Hong Kong.

In the meantime, August der Starke OLD, Eichendorff, Eviva Espana and Salieri OLD have also made their international debut with me in Grand Prix classes. Augustin OLD, a very special rising star, started to shine in 2007 when he won the Nürnberg Burg Pokal and took fifth place in the 2009 EC in Windsor/GBR as well as fifth place in the Final of the Meggle Champions Trophy of Dortmund/GER. In 2010 he placed sixth in the Grand Prix of Aachen and in 2011 second in the Meggle Champions Trophy Final of Dortmund/GER.

Meanwhile she ia able to add with the Burg-Pokal winner Blind Date and Della Cavalleria OLD further success at the European Championships in 2015 in Aachen/GER and in 2016 at the Olympic Games in Rio/BRA.

As opposed to many other riders, I don’t sit in the saddle all day long. Ever since I finished school, I work several days a week in my family’s company which specializes in mechanical engineering.

  • Going to a carnival party as Pinocchio - please note the especially elegant position of my legs!
  • And here we could be posing for Norman Thelwell, a British artist famous for his pony drawings...
  • We could never be without horses, even on our vacation in Montecatini/Toscana.
  • But since we didn’t have a pony, my father had to do as my mount.
  • Another carnival party, this time as a cowboy (my brother Johannes) and an Indian (Vici) with an “Indian pony”, Topy
  • No, this picture of me and the Haflinger-Arabian Rubi in a novice (A) level show jumping test is not a photomontage!
  • With Alliance in the junior tour
  • Austrian Junior Champion - in spite of bad weather!
  • My Ferrari, Falcao OLD
  • At the 2000 EC for juniors in Lipica/SLO, Falcao took individual and team bronze.
  • A fashion show for riding clothes in Fritzens
  • My little rowdies: Black Jack, who is no longer alive, Black Lady and Topy
  • A special moment: In 2003 in Stadl-Paura, I stood with Weinrausch right next to Ulla Salzgeber/GER on Wallstreet.
  • This photograph of Romantik and me was on the home page of my first website which went online in 2004.