07.06.2012 | Age: 11

Achleiten: 83,05 Percent!!!

Dance into the light ... the new freestyle for Augustin OLD to the sounds of Phil Collins and Genesis was a hit.

Augustin OLD. Foto: Becker

Even though we didn't have much time to learn it - I must really thank Michael Erdmann from Exklusive Freestyle here, who produced the fantastic music for me really fast - it went quite well and the B scores ranged up to 88.00 percent. With a total of 83.05 percent, we couldn't be topped.

My debut with Blind Date was also successful. We are a great team already even if we did have a couple of misunderstandings in the Grand Prix. We had a tact error in the first extended trot and we need to count better in the flying changes á tempi in the future ... but I am confident that we will learn. With 70.97 percent we finished on second place right behind the Olympic candidates, Fabriano and Renate Voglsang (71.34 percent). Blind Date's relatives on the sire's side, Bertoli W under my new trainer, Wolfram Wittig, and Brioni W under Blind Date's trainer, Brigitte Wittig, ended on third and fourth place with 70.34 and 70.25 percent.