30.07.2012 | Age: 12

Olympic Dairy 4: British Soil under Our Feet

So, people and annimals have all arrived safety in Great Britain.

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However, not yet in Greenwich Park, we're at the Southern Cross Stud Farm owned by Jill and Jules Walker in Kent. Here we will spend a couple days training before the Olympic Equestrian Games begin.

Augustin OLD and Eichendorff had a good trip without any problems and they both walked off the ramp in a frisky mood. They were moved into two large boxes and obviously feel at home already - also because we brought Dr. med. vet. Dorothe Meyer's great hay and her special feed mixtures for both of them.

Unloading all of our baggage was not an easy job - the luggage for Kent only had to be unloaded, the bagges for Greenwich was supposed to stay in the horse van.

I have been out in the dressage ring of this beautifully located farm with both horses. Neither one of them shows any signs that they have been on a long trip - which is, of course, thanks to our excellent driver, Helmut Fassl.