30.07.2012 | Age: 12

Olympic Diary 10: The Stable Area

This is where Augustin OLD will be staying.

Fotos: privat

He has a box at the end of the stable tent and a nice view of a green neighborhod.

Everything is really very generous and functional in the stable area, e.g. the shower boxes. The stable office is located in a separate pavillion. The path between the stable tents was covered with ramps so that the grass in  Greenwich Park isn't damaged.

The Canadians decorated their stable tent in their country colours - it looks really nice! We ought to have come up with a spectacular idea like that ...

The issue of safety in London is a very big issue. You see safety personnel, such as the police on horseback you see here, all over the place. Their horses are so calm and aren't bothered at all by all the excitement in this town which continues to fill with people. Sure can't imagine Augustin OLD out there ... I seriously doubt that he would be so cool and stand out there next to the fences and talk to tourists.