01.08.2012 | Age: 12

Olympic Diary 19: Augustin OLD "is fit to compete"

Today was the day of the vet check which was held in the large stadium.

Fotos: Rzepa

Augustin OLD just loves moments like this when I have to run next to him and he can take command. He didn't wear the additional lunge cavesson just for decoration! But today he was nice to me and behaved himself in front of the eagle eyes of the judges who found him "fit to compete".

In today's decision in eventing I was able to get an idea about the dimensions of the arena. The backdrop with its 20,000 spectators up in the high stands is pretty much comparable with the World Equestrian Games in 2006 in Aachen/GER- except that the spectators were a lot farther away from the dressage ring in Aachen. I wonder what it feels like when you ride in here. Today anyway, you could have heard a pin fall while Michael Jung/GER, Sara Algotsson-Ostholt/SWE, Sandra Auffarth/GER and Co. were riding - but afterward the crowd went wild ...