05.08.2012 | Age: 12

Olympic Diary 23: Grand Prix

In the Grand Prix of London/GBR today we received 73.26 percent which meant 17th place in the end.

Foto: Rzepa

We had a few highlights in the boiling atmosphere of the Olympic dressage ring such as the piaffe-passage tour and the half passes. But we made a mistake in the flying changes á tempi that cost us a lot of points. In a field with such fabulous riders - Charlotte Dujardin/GBR won on her Valegro with 83.66 precent - that throws you back quite a way.

But I was satisfied, as was my father and Wolfram Wittig: The beginning was good ... but now it's time to concentrate on the Special on Tuesday. The 18 best riders will then compete in the final Freestyle. We will try hard to do better in the Special  ...

Unfortunately, Renate Voglsang didn't make it any further. She received 69.63 percent for her ride on Fabriano.