10.08.2012 | Age: 12

Olympic Diary 33: Time to say Goodbye!

Wir sind auf dem Rückweg!

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I'm glad on the one hand that these three weeks at the Olympic Games are over because it has been very strenuous - but on the other hand I am sad because the Games really were wonderful and we had a lot of fun. Just being able to be here and participate in a competition like this is such an honor. Dressage can't be much better that what we've seen here - the concentration of performance is enormous and it's never been so exciting. We couldn't possibly have a better advertisement for our sport.

Augustin OLD did such a good job and I am so thankful for the help I have received from Wolfram Wittig.

In the end, I got the impression that Augustin OLD is also looking forward to being back home again. He and Eichendorff are now already on their way home. 

That means that we will be watching the closing celebration of the Olympic Games from Achleiten  - and will aways think back on this fabulous even in Great Britain with fondness ... London 2012!