01.01.2013 | Age: 10

Cappeln: Beate's Tricks

Beate, one of the puppies born this year out of Loni, our Jack Russel bitch, has gotten quite "big" already.

Fotos: Becker

Beate is actually named Beate Wittig. When she visited us at Gestüt Vorwerk in Cappeln/GER, she demonstrated very well that she will not have any problems with pirouettes when she grows up. At the momemt her hindlegs are still not quite supple enough, of course, but her onwers, Brigitte and Wolfram Wittig are practicing with her already.... by the way, Beate's siblings, Barbarossa, Daisy Duck, Franz, Gustav Gans and Mc Moneysack, are doing just as well.