23.03.2013 | Age: 10

Dortmund/GER: Eichendorff Wins the Freestyle

Today Eichendorff was allowed to dance - and that's when he's in his element:

Foto: Schnell

We rode to the sounds of a Udo Jürgen medley and were awarded 74.5 percent for our presentation - clearly ahead of the others - so the freestyle was ours. A very festive awards ceremony concluded this year's Meggle Champions Tour in the packed Westfalenhalle. Yesterday, the Meggle couple promised to support the dressage series that awards the most prize money in Germany next year as well. "We are big fans of classic dressage and we are pleased that we are able to contribute in promoting such a wonderful sport all over the world by the pictures you see here", said Marina Meggle. We riders can only agree with her!