07.05.2013 | Age: 10

Wels: Della Cavalleria Wins the Grand Prix

... and our other horses also won tests.

Della Cavalleria OLD Foto: Dr. Istvan Lehoczky

Schickeria Foto: Dr. Istvan Lehoczky

Della did a superb job today. After her victory yesterday in the Intermediaire II, today she won her first Grand Prix with 71.95 percent.

Schickeria and Wibke Bruns took their second gold ribbon this weekend as well. They won an FEI test for junior riders with 72.98 percent.

Our mare Donna Caribica won her very first medium (M) level dressage test under  Wibke with 72.40 percent.

And last not least, Dijon and Sabine Antlinger won an LP level dressage test with 66.00 percent.

The photographs at Wels were taken by Dr. Istvan Lehoczky.