16.06.2013 | Age: 11

Achleiten: The Secret Stars

The secret stars of our show in Achleiten are the dogs!!

Fotos: Becker

And the photograph you see here proves that men are capable of multi-tasking after all: giving instructions, smoking a cigarillo and petting Beate at the same time ...

Dr. Dorothee Meyer from iWest brought her eleven-week old Rottweiler puppy with her to Achleiten and the poor thing had to put up with a whole pack of Jack Russels. But he held his own, even if his feet didn't always want to go where they were supposed to. But he'll learn!

And, of course, our own little monsters who aren't so easy to control when we have so many two and four-legged guests. Our Sabine kept a watchful eye on them and made it clear that they had to go somewhere else to play when they got too close to the dressage ring.