03.07.2013 | Age: 11

Aachen/GER: Augustin OLD Sixth

Augustin OLD finished sixth in the Grand Prix of the CDIO tour of Aachen/GER with 74.42 percent.

Fotos: Becker

Everything went just fine until the last extended trot. Augustin was attentive and reacted to the smallest aids but apparently he was pretty impressed by the awesome background of the dressage stadium. And that's when I noticed that he had had a long pause from competitions for nearly a year. He did compete at our home show in Achleiten, but that doesn't really count, of course, because it's not comparable to the completely filled stands in the Soers. Unfortunately we made a little mistake in the last trot tour but in spite of that I was quite satisfied with Augustin's performance. He gets better from show to show and I can risk more and more. My trainer Wolfram Wittig was also very pleased, especially since the competitors in Aachen are very strong.

You sure couldn't tell that Augustin had been out of things for a while when it was time for the honor round through - I had the feeling that he was about to explode for joy. To be honest, I was quite relieved when Mario, Augustin's groom, grabbed hold of him when the honor round was over - otherwise he probably would have bolted and we would have ended up in the jumping stadium ...