04.07.2013 | Age: 11

Aachen: Della Wins with More Than 77 Percent

YES!!!! And it was really thrilling!

Fotos: Becker

Della Cavalleria OLD won the Inter I of Aachen with 77.31 percent and was therefore two percentage points ahead of her competitors - and with competitors such as Deja under Patrik Kittel/SWE, Polka Hit Nexen with Andreas Helgstrand/DEN, Lezard with Isabell Werth/GER, Cote D'Azur TSF under Helen Langehanenberg/GER and Damon Jerome NRW with Uta Gräf/GER - that really means something.

Della was extremely self-assured in the trot work and collected extra points for her perfect rhythm, development of impulsion, contact and acceptance of the bit. Her lateral movements were very liquid with just the right bend. The canter was another highlight and I got the extension I dared to ask for and the flying changes were perfectly straignt and very expressive. Della gives her rider such an unbelievably good feeling and tries so hard to do a good job: all you need to do is get on and get going - she's really a joy. 

My trainer, Wolfram Wittig, said he was impressed with the "mathematical precision" of our ride. What would I do without his helpful coaching? Thank you so much Wolfram!!!