07.07.2013 | Age: 11

Aachen/GER: Just Bad Luck

I have no explanation for it - but just before the pirouettes in the Freestyle of Aachen, Augustin OLD started to shake his head violently.

Foto: Becker

The only explanation we have is that an ear cover must have slipped somehow and tickled his sensitive ears. There was nothing I could do about it while I was in the saddle ... and from that moment on the test didn't go well anymore and we had to be satisfied with 14th place. It had started so well. What a shame!

We checked everything carefully to see if there was a reason for this ... there might have been an organic reason that we hadn't seen yet and should know about but didn't find anything. 

Everything was OK when we warmed up. I think we probably just had rotten luck today!