20.07.2013 | Age: 11

Perl-Borg/GER: Augustin OLD Second in the Grand Prix

Augustin OLD took second place in the Grand Prix qualifier for the Freestyle in Perl-Borg.

The day started off really well: Augustin OLD was in a great mood in our morning workout and was super to ride. He was very refreshed, highly motivated and absolutely concentrated. It felt so good to ride him and my trainer, Wolfram Wittig, was also very pleased with us.

The test took place in the heat of the noon day sun but we were able to pick up where we had left off this morning in the trot - and the piaffes and passage turned out especially well.

His strong walk was good, as always, but for some reason Augustin became tense in the second half of the collected walk - something he had never done before. But I was able to get him to concentrate on me again and the canter tour went well until the second pirouette, which was really not good  ... but Wolfram Wittig was kind enough to say he just thought that Augustin wanted to do something else for a change. 

I had the feeling that the hot weather took some of the energy out of him but he seemed happy enough and I am looking forward to the Freestyle tomorrow.