26.08.2013 | Age: 10

Herning/DEN: Super Presentation in the Grand Prix

We got off to a really great start in the European Championships in Herning, Denmark, today. I am really happy!!!!

Augustin OLD. Fotos: Becker

Augustin OLD

Team Österreich

Renate Voglsang/Fabriano

Augustin OLD and I were the last but one couple to start in the Grand Prix - and I was able to recall everything we had worked on to perfect our ride. I had such a good feeling in Augustin's saddle and he was extremely concentrated. But I still didn't dare to take any full risks, even though I think that we could have given a bit more still. We finished eleventh with 74.77 percent.

My trainer Wolfram Wittig was satisfied with our performance. He said that he really enjoyed watching us because the presentation had many really good highlights and is an ideal starting point for the upcoming Special.

Everything went extremely well for our Austrian team. Renate Voglsang and her Fabriano finihsed with 68.86 percent which helped our team reach sixth place (212.02 percentage points), behind the medal winning teams from Germany(gold; 234.65), the Netherlands (silver; 233.96) and Great Britain (bronze; 233.54) and the teams that followed from Denmark (224.60) and Sweden (218.84). And not only that, she placed 29th individually, qualifiying  for the Special with the best 30 couples. So our team leader, Diana Wünschek, was very happy!