23.09.2013 | Age: 10

Cappeln/GER: Paula Vorwerk died

We were very sad to hear that Paula Vorwerk died.

Foto: Becker

Paula Vorwerk was the Grande Dame of Oldenburg breeding. At the side of her husband, Georg Vorwerk, Gestüt Vorwerk in Cappeln/GER became one of the most famous stud farms in Europe. Stallions such as    Furioso II, Zeus, More Magic xx, Inschallah AA and Welt As were stationed here. After the death of Georg Vorwerk, their daughter Gudula and her husband, Jochen Happ, took over the Gestüt and turned it into one of the most successful training centers in the world, churning out highly successful Grand Prix dressage stallions such as Rubinstein, Rohdiamant, Relevant and many others.

Paula Vorwerk was 91 years old.

Our heartfelt condolences!