23.09.2013 | Age: 10

Wien: Rain, Rain, Rain

Eichendorff got off very nicely in the Grand Prix of the Vienna Masters held in front of the Vienna Town Hall.

He was high motivated and very concentrated. However, the footing had become very soggy after so much rain. During the test things got muddier and muddier and Eichendorff became more and more cautious. He was afraid of slipping and was not able to give his best which showed in the result which was only 70.04 percent - sixth place.

OK, it wasn't great but the magnificent scenery of Vienna and the many enthusiastic spectators who showed up in spite of the weather more than made up for it. 

If the weather forecast is correct, the weather should get somewhat better now - and if we're lucky, maybe there will even be some sunshine on Sunday for the Freestyle...