23.11.2013 | Age: 9

Stuttgart/GER: Eichendorff 71.21 Percent

Off to a great start at the German Masters in Stuttgart.

Eichendorf did a great job in the Grand Prix qualifier for the freestyle  - even though there was so much going on all over in the hall. But "Edi" stayed concentrated on the job he was doing and I easily rode him from one movement to the next. And if I think about the last shows we went to, I am extremely satisfied with the consistency of his performance.

In a field of world class competitors - there were three German EC gold winning horses alone that started - he received 71.21 percent which meant eighth place overall behind the winning couple, Damon Hill NRW and Helen Langehanenberg/GER and second placed El Santo NRW and Isabell Werth/GER.

Tomorrow it's Augustin OLD's turn to enter the game - in the Grand Prix qualifier foro the Special. And in the afternoon Eichendorff will compete in the Freestyle.

Della Cavelleria OLD accompanied the two "men" Eichendorff and Augustin OLD - but is just here to breath some big show air.