23.06.2014 | Age: 10

Achleiten: Double Victory for Augustin OLD

After winning the Grand Prix, Augustin OLD also won the Freestyle of Achleiten.

Augustin OLD. Foto: Rzepa

Augustin had a really nice round and he was expressly praised by the judges for his presentation. 81.40 percent meant his best performance this year which made me very happy. No one could beat Blind Date in the Grand Prix qualifier for the Special either with 73.52 percent.

Wiener Classic (73.68 percent) and Schickeria (72.17) also won their classes in the St. Georges and the warm-up test for the Nürnberg Burg-Pokal. The just seven-year old San Francisco OLD finished second,  Biedermeier won his debut in the Inter A with 71.11 percent and Rosandro took fourth place.