28.08.2014 | Age: 9

Cover Page Horses

Blind Date and Wiener Classic have the honor of being on the cover page of the current issue of the German horse magazines, Der Hannoveraner and Pferdeforum.

The reason for this are the achievements of both of our horses. I won the Grand Prix Special tour of Fritzens with Blind Date – where Maxi Schreiner also took the photograph – as well as the Grand Prix Special of Achleiten and in Cappeln/GER Beate won the Freestyle tour. Wiener Classic earned her ticket for the Nürnburg Burg Pokal Final under our trainer, Wibke Bruns – which Augustin OLD won in 2007 -  and either won or placed up front in Stadl-Paura, Steyr, Cappeln and Fritzens. Blind Date won the Final of the Nürnberg Burg Pokal in 2009 by a wide margin under Brigitte Wittig.