14.10.2014 | Age: 8

Stadl-Paura: Double Victory for Wiener Classic

Wiener Classic, who is qualified for the Burg Pokal, confirmed that she is in top form.

Chocolat MT/Wibke Bruns. Fotos: Brunnmayr

Chocolat MT/Wibke Bruns

Wiener Classic/Wibke Bruns

She won the JR preparatory test at the CDN Stadl-Paura under Wibke Bruns with a lead of more than five percentage points and 72.77 percent. After the St. Georges with 73.77, the couple again led the honor round.  

The Rosandro daughter Romanze MT won the novice (A) level test for young dressage horses with 8.48. Also by Rosandro and a full brother of the licensed stallion Roi du Soleil, Roseborough won the elementary (L) level test for young dressage horses with 8.09. A Rosandro daughter named Chocolat MT hade a successful debut in the LP which she won with 71.00 percent. She was just a little too ambitious in the second LP and finished second. All three horses were ridden by Wibke Bruns.