22.12.2014 | Age: 8

Frankfurt/M.: Wiener Classic in the Burg Pokal Final

Today Wiener Classic rode in the warm-up test for the Nürnberg Burg Pokal Final tomorrow with the best young German horses.

Fotos: Becker

Unfortunately, because of the storm that nearly blew away the warm-up ring tent, our eight-year old Sandro Hit daughter and her rider Wibke Bruns had their problems. It really wasn't easy for the horses to concentrate on warming up for the test when parts of the tent were making loud, flapping noises. Under the circumstances, they did a good job of making the best of it and the trot and canter tour turned out very well. We sure hope that the weather will calm down in time for the Final so that the couple can prepare for the test in which there will be tough competitors.