22.12.2014 | Age: 8

Frankfurt/M.: Great Success in the Burg Pokal

It was a great success for Wiener Classic and her rider Wibke Bruns to be in the Burg Pokal Final even if things didn't quite end the way we would have liked.

Foto: Becker

Right in the beginning Wiener Classic shied on the center line and didn't want to go forward for the salute. But Wibke refused to let herself be distracted and forced the eight-year old Sandro Hit daughter to literally get back on track. That also impressed the commentator Christoph Hess. Because of her insistance, the couple was able to show several highlights in the trot and canter tour. Suppleness could have been better in some phases but the mare certainly has the potential for upper level dressage rings and I am very proud of Wibke. This was the first time she had ridden in such intimidating surroundings as you find in the Frankfurt Festhalle and she mastered it very nicely. My compliments to both!!