06.12.2015 | Age: 7

Salzburg: Blind Date Fifth

Blind Date took fifth place in the Grand Prix of the World Cup tour at the Mevisto Amadeus Horse Indoors.

Foto: Holcbecher

After winning the Austrian State Championships in  September, Beate was given a pause from shows. That did her good and in Salzburg she showed a very good trot tour with nice highlights in the extensions, half-passes and passage. She also added points in the canter tour with her well-set pirouettes and nice flying changes every second stride but made a small error in the 15 flying changes at every stride. With 73.36 percent, we ranked fifth behind the winner,  Isabell Werth/GER on Don Johnson FRH (77.66 percent), second placed Edward Gal/NED on Glock’s Voice (77.04), third placed Jessica von Bredow-Werndl/GER on Unee BB (76.10) and fourth placed Valentina Truppa/ITA on Fixdesign Eremo del Castegno (74.60) - holding our own in a first class test. Tomorrow on Sunday, the World Cup Freestyle in scheduled.