08.03.2016 | Age: 7

Stadl-Paura: Divina Comedia the Winner

Divina Comedia won a novice level test for young dressage horses in Stadl-Paura.

Divina Comedia. Fotos: Team Myrtill

Divina Comedia

Balsamico MT

The Westphalian mare by Desperados, ridden by Stefan Lehfellner, received a total score 8.2, but 8.5 for her canter and suppleness. Fifth place went to Balsamico MT by Bvlgari who was also ridden by Stefan Lehfellner.

By the way, Divina Comedia is a top offer at the I.T.S. (International Talent Sales) held from March th to 12th in Braunau am Inn. Click here to see the video!