12.04.2016 | Age: 7

Stadl-Paura: Blind Date Wins

At the CDI3* in Stadl-Paura, Blind Date sovereignly won the Grand Prix qualifier for the Freestyle with 73.40 percent.

Fotos: Dill

Biedermeier/Wibke Bruns

This was the first start for "Beate" after Salzburg in January after a winter break. It was a very harmonioius presentation and I was easily able to ride one movement after the next with Beate. I can really depend on her consistent willingness  – and we had many highlights in this test.
We now know perfectly well, which small details we need to give more attention - but I still have enough time until the Olympic Games in August. A good foundation has already been created. But right now, I need to concentrate on the Freestyle on Easter Monday.

In the Grand Prix of Stadl-Paura, Austria took three ribbons. Auheim’s Picardo with Christian Schumach (68.52 percent) finished second and Don Walesko with  Belinda Weinbauer (68.46) took third. Biedermeier, under our trainer, Wibke Bruns, was fourth (68.32) and Vienna A with Nikolaus Erdmann finished fifth (67.76).