12.04.2016 | Age: 7

Stadl-Paura: Second Place for Della Cavalleria OLD

Della Cavalleria also did a very good job in the Grand Prix Special of Stadl-Paura and took second place, just like in the Grand Prix qualifier, with 72,27 percent.

Fotos: Dill

It was a very successful weekend for "Della“ and I am very proud of her because she tries so hard to do everything right and is so much fun to ride because of it. And it's super that things worked out so well in her first international start in Grand Prix class and her first Special here in Stadl.
The second best couple from Austria were Quantico with Timna Zach who finished seventh, followed by Lamborghini and Nikolaus Erdmann on tenth place and Royal Happiness OLD with Stefanie Palm on 13th place.