12.04.2016 | Age: 8

Stadl-Paura: Lilliano OLD Ahead of Brunetti MT

Lilliano OLD won the novice (A) level test for young dressage horses in Stadl-Paura, ahead of Brunetti MT.

Lilliano. Fotos: Team Mytrill

Brunetti MT

8.8 for the trot, 8.7 for overall impression, 8.5 for the canter and walk, 8.0 for suppleness. "Lillifee“ went really well and was presented for the first time by Stefan Lehfellner. Close on her heels was Brunetti, a Bvlgari son we bred ourselves. He was rather distracted which wasn't so positive on his score for suppleness but he gained a lot of points for his great gaits (walk 9.0!) and received 8.38 overall with his rider, Wibke Bruns.