12.04.2016 | Age: 7

Stadl-Paura: Second Victory for Fackeltanz OLD

Great start for Fackeltanz OLD at the show in Stadl-Paura.

Fackeltanz OLD. Fotos: Team Mytrill

Dubrovnik NRW

After victory in the FEI Young Rider preparation test, Fackeltanz OLD also racked up another victory in the national St. Georges. The judges gave him 74.21 percent for a presentation that was really good. We get better and better with each other and this first public appearance together makes me hungry for more. Thanks to Dorothee Schneider's hard work, Fackeltanz is a real joy to ride.  

Right behind Fackeltanz on second and third place were Dubrovnik NRW and Bvlgari, both presented by Wolfgang Himsl.