21.06.2016 | Age: 7

Achleiten: Our young horses did a good job

At the CDI Achelten our young horses were convincing right down the line.

Roberto Carlos MT Fotos: Rzepka

Albertina MT

Lilliano OLD


In the class for six-year olds, a Rosandro son named Roberto Carlos MT won not only the warm-up with a score of 8.40 but also the Final with 8.76. Second place went to another Rosandro offspring we bred named Albertina MT, who achieved 7.99 and 8.18 in the tests. Both horses were ridden by Stefan Lehfellner.

In the class for five-year olds, Lilliano OLD, also ridden by Stefan Lehfellner, dominated the warm-up and Final with 8.92 and 9.20. Our licensed stallion Valparaiso took second place under Wibke Bruns with scores of 8.72 and 9.00.

In their comments, the judges praised all for horses for the harmonious training they obviously went through according to very classic principles of equitation. They especially mentioned the harmonious transitions, the clearly visible differences in tempo and the correctness of contact and acceptance of the bit - and their outstanding perspectives as dressage horses.