21.06.2016 | Age: 7

Achleiten: Salieri OLD Has Died

Salieri OLD is no longer with us.

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Salieri OLD with Kizi. Photo: Archiv Wünschek

The black-brown Oldenburg gelding died at the age of 18 in spite of immediately being operated on due to a severe collic.

Our road together began in 2002. We discovered him at an Elite Auction in Vechta where he was called "Superstar" in the catalogue. At that time he was foru-years old and we were enchanted by his charm, which he obviously had from his sire, Sandro Hit, and his especially light-footed way of moving which made him seem to be more in the air than on the ground. Even though he liked to test his rider once in a while in the middle of a test, there was a special feeling when riding him. He was a "rascal" but he always enjoyed his workouts with his rider. When handling "Sali", as he was called in the stables, he could be a pain in the neck sometimes - if you didn't pay attention to him all the time, he would make sure he got your attention. In his box - when grooming him for a show - no matter where…the main thing was that he was the center of attention...

"Sali" learned very quickly and because of this, we were able to win three fourth level dressage tests in a row when he was just seven in 2005. Just a year later he made his debut in Grand Prix at the age of eight which ended in victory. The year after, he successfully took the hurdle to international classes, winning for example in Salzburg/AUT, Weikersdorf/AUT and the World Cup Freestyle of Marienbad/CZE and also placed in the Grand Prix Freestyle tours of Bremen/GER and Frankfurt/GER. At the German Masters in Stuttgart/GER, we immediately placed in his first Grand Prix Special. He successful continued his career and was showered with many show ribbons such as at the CHIO Aachen/GER, in Munich/GER, Stadl Paura/AUT, Achleiten/AUT and the World Cup in Kaposvár/HUN. In this list, I shouldn't forget Salieri's greatest national success in 2008 when he won the Austrian State Championships in Auhof-Fernitz.

In 2011 my friend Katharina Wünschek started riding Salieri, who was a member of the Oldenburg Sport Promotion Team since 2007 - how the "OLD" was added to his name. With him she was able to reach Grand Prix and together they won many ribbons, e.g. at CDI3* and CDI4* shows in Ebreichsdorf/AUT and Lipica/SLO. They were a great team - in the dressage ring as well as outside the dressage ring! Thank you Kizi, that you took such good care of him - right down to the last minute. He had a wonderful time with you and I am so grateful for that. It was always a joy for me to watch the two of you together!

And thank you Sali, for all the beautiful moments I had with you - and thank you for everything that I was able to learn from you. I am glad that we were able to spend a part of our lives together. We are very sad that your life had to end so early in such a painful manner. We will remember you the way you were - with all your positive traits as well as your inconsistencies – and your distinct, self-assured character.  We are deeply sad to have lost you but are thankful for the time we spend together and the joy that you gave us. Enjoy yourself, when you gallop across the the pastures in horse heaven…thanky you my dear friend...