25.07.2016 | Age: 7

Cappeln/GER: Youngsters Did a Great Job

Our youngsters did a great job at Cappeln International.

Lilliano OLD Fotos: Rzepka


Albertina MT

Roberto Carlos MT

In the class for five-year olds, a licensed Lissaro son named Lilliano OLD dominated the international class. Not only in the very demanding warm-up but also in the Final, the bay Oldenburg ridden by Stefan Lehfellner received scores up to 9.0 and finished on first place with a total of 8.60 and 8.84. Second place in both tests went to his stable mate Valparaiso, with Wibke Bruns in the saddle - with 8.32 and 8.38 respectively. In the class for six-year olds, a Rosandro daughter named Albertina MT that we bred, also ridden by Stefan Lehfellner, won the warm-up test with 8.28. The Final was won by another Rosandro offspring we bred named Roberto Carlos MT who was also ridden by Stefan Lehfellner with a total of 8.36.