25.07.2016 | Age: 7

Cappeln/GER: Lord Leopold Victorious

At the show Dressur Cappeln International, Lord Leopold and I had our first victory abroad.

Foto: Becker

After our first appearance together in a St. Georges the beginning of June in Achleiten where we immediately took a great second place, we were even more in tune with each other at Gestüt Vorwerk where the judges rewarded us 73.92 percent. The licensed, nine-year old Lord Sinclair I son was very attentive and remained extremely focused the entire time. So it looks like my strategy of taking enough time to really get used to each other has paid off. That really pleases me and also motivates me at the same time.  I was also very pleased by the consistently good performance of Donna Caribica. Ridden by Wibke Bruns, the nine-year old mare received 72.21 percent, finishing second in the St. Georges. In der Inter I she received 71.28 percent which put her at the top of the class.