08.08.2016 | Age: 7

Rio/BRA: The Rio games are open

The XXXI Olympic Games of Rio/BRA are open.

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And they were opened with a fantastic and thrilling show in front of nearly 80,000 spectators in the sold-out Maracanã Stadium. We athletes were unfornately only able to see the first part of the opening ceremony on monitors since we had to stay inside below the stadium so that the the nations could enter the stadium without any hitches - but that didn't diminish the great atmosphere. And when we were finally allowed to march into the stadium, it was one of those goose bump moments - something you just can't describe.

From now on until August 21st, athletes from more than 200 countries will be competing in the first Olympic Games ever held on the South American continent in 28 types of sport and 42 disciplines, hoping to realize their dream of an Olympic gold medal. 

Meanwhile, Della had no idea what was going on - she concentrated on her daily ration of grass and is being very well taken care of by her groom.

We've been able to see a little bit of Rio and are overwhelmed by this city, the region and the positive attitude towards life that the people have here.