22.08.2016 | Age: 7

Rio/BRA: Della Cavalleria OLD Received 71.12 Percent

Della ended the Olympic Grand Prix in the fabulous equestrian stadium of Deodoro/BRA with 71.12 percent.

Foto: Holcbecher

Fotos: Bronkhorst

I'm very satisfied. Della put on a very performance at her first championships. In spite of very strong wind and all the sounds in the background of the dressage ring because of it, she remained highly concentrated. Just once, while reining back, she was distracted for a moment – which cost us a lot of points, unfortunately. But then she presented herself from her best side and had many highlights that the judges honored with high points. You have to keep in mide that this was just her fifth (!) international Grand Prix. So with 33rd place in this star-studded test, we didn't do too bad. I was overjoyed even if we were only missing 0.37 points to qualify for the Special. I think thatDella has lots of potential and she continues to get better. If someone had said to me at the beginning of this year that she would be able to hold her own among the best 60 horses in the world, I would not have believed it.
Thanks to my team and my fans who did a great job supporting me in Rio. I think that Della also enjoyed the time spent in the Olympic Equestrian Center Deodoro very much – especially the permanent attention she received. After she returns to Achleiten, she will have to get used to her old routine again - she will no longer be the only horse that we give tender loving care to …