13.08.2020 | Age: 3

Ebreichsdorf: Start of the season with premieres

Our "stable duel" in the Inter II of Ebreichsdorf went out in favour of Benaglio.


Fackeltanz OLD

Roberto Carlos MT

My eleven-year-old Breitling W-offspring matured beautifully in the winter work and showed himself very confident in the test. I can work out more and more details and I think we are on a really good way! I especially enjoy his enormous eagerness and the will to always do everything right - sometimes he is even a bit hasty. :-)  72,06 percent brought us the victory - and that in front of his colleague Fackeltanz OLD. For "Fackel" and me it was the first common start in the GP class after Stefan had ridden him in the international GP last year and could bring the bronze medal of the national championship to Achleiten. I have to say, with such a great "rental horse" riding is also a lot of fun - let's see how we "snap out" of this in the future. In any case, the competition was a lot of fun - even if we still have some room for improvement here and there - we will continue to carefully approach each other. Stefan was right on our heels with his just nine year old Roberto Carlos MT. 4th place behind Amanda Hartung and her experienced "Pirate" Dresscode Black Unbelievable how quickly he learned "the program" under Stefan and was able to recall the difficult lessons. He can often be full of surprises - but he politely left them alone today. Now it's time to collect test routines for all of us, because at Grand Prix level it's not only the difficult lessons, but also the quick succession of tests that make the whole thing so demanding. So, a great first day in the 2019 tournament season - we can continue like this ... :-)