13.08.2020 | Age: 3

Ebreichsdorf: precision landing

In the last special stage we took part in this weekend Stefan and I "managed" something very strange - we were exactly equal on points in the GP of Ebreichsdorf.

Fackeltanz OLD

I had saddled Fackeltanz again and we had our first GP together - still with a few mistakes like the 2-changes which he was a bit too eager and preferred to put in 1-changes - but I got to ride well and especially the 1-changes and pirouettes were nice highlights. Now it's time to practice further. Stefan had a very, very nice concentrated round with Di Navarone, and I would have given him a few more points here - but the "Stable instruction" was also a clean test to ride to give the sensitive "Navi" more and more security in the test. His Piourett-Piaffe-Tour was a real highlight and Stefan and Navi fit together very well. Karo Valenta won the GP with her longtime partner Valenta's Diego ahead of Amanda Hartung who only took half a point from us. Now we are looking forward to the next tournaments - we are looking forward to it.

A big thank you also to our super team, who always give us and our horses a great support at the show - and also hold the fort at home while we are on the road.

Ebreichsdorf: Another "first time": Valparaiso completed the successful first day in Magna Racino

"Vali" went like clockwork through the preparatory task for young riders - and this was his first appearance in an advanced (S) level dressage class outside the Young Horse Tour for the just eight-year-old Westphalian stallion!

And our first together! Fully concentrated and with great naturalness, he completed the sequence of lessons, which is really not easy for a young horse. I really have to say that it was pure riding fun! In training he already shows really great approaches for the bigger tasks - now we want to continue to build this up in peace - and besides, collect common test routine. Wolfgang Himsl, who rode him to a final place in the World Championships for seven-year-old dressage horses last year, trained Valli really well in cooperation with my father. I was able to continue my work seamlessly - a big thank you to Wolfi and my parents for that! With a score of 75.78 percent we came second, beaten only by a narrow margin. In a top-class test Belinda Weinbauer and the now 10 year old Damon's Dejaron from Lindhof Stud won the competition.