13.08.2020 | Age: 4

Munich: With great results for our horses

Munich ended for us with three wins, a second, a fourth and a sixth place. This is a great result, as the show was incredibly strong and our horses are still at the beginning of their careers.

Photos: privat

Rockabilly under Stefan, Photos: Becker

Fackeltanz OLD with Stefan


And Valparaiso, Photos: Schreiner

An optimal start to the tournament thanks to our "Rocky", who, with Stefan, was the first pair to start in the Inter II and delivered an absolutely top performance. The nine-year-old son of Rock Forever NRW, who we have not had with us in our stable for too long, purred through the task with a natural ease, which, to be honest, surprised even us a little. He is making huge progress in training, and is really getting better and better from week to week. But the fact that he is able to do all this already at the show - especially since he is also interested in his environment and Munich is not easy with the numerous spectators around the arena - that was really 1A!!! The judges were also totally impressed and put Rockabilly and Stefan clearly in the lead in the Inter II (74.28 percent) and the Short Grand Prix (73.27) - ahead of the young Hannah Erbe/GER, who rode her Carlos to a great second place in both competitions.

And because it started well, it went on just as well: with a super great fourth place for Torch Dance OLD in the really big Grand Prix of the 3-star tour. Stefan was able to ride "Fackel" with a score of 71.82 percent behind the winning couple Jessica von Bredow-Werndl/GER and Zaire-E (76.15), Benjamin Werndl/GER and Daily mirror (75.37) and Matthias Bouton/GER and Meggle's Boston (72.71). Stefan would have liked to repeat this "running like a fiddle" performance in the special - and at the beginning it looked as if he could succeed. But the transition from the step to the first piaffe unfortunately failed completely, which we explain with the lack of routine. After all, it was only Torch's third international special ever. Anyway - what a pity!!! But now we know in any case what we have to work on in training.

Now the next highlight: "Vali"! I only say: First place in the qualification for the final qualification Burg-Cup with 75.34 percent and narrowly beaten second in the final qualification with almost 76 percent. Am I disappointed that Dorothee Schneider/GER on her Lord Fittipaldi M snatched the Frankfurt ticket just under our noses? Definite NO!!! Vali, or Valparaiso, as he is called in the studbook, is just fun! He has developed sensationally from Mannheim/GER to Munich/GER once again. And even the jump in temperature from 15 degrees when we arrived to over 32 degrees on Sunday, he just smiled away. I am extremely happy!!!! Thank you, mum, for letting me develop your firecracker stallion further and I am already looking forward to our next shows.

And now to "Benni", who has mastered his 5-star baptism in Munich brilliantly. We competed against the absolute Big Names, first and foremost the World Cup finalists Isabell Werth and Emilio, the World Champions Jessica von Bredow-Werndl and TSF Dalera BB as well as the Olympic Champions Dorothee Schneider and Showtime FRH. I am really happy with our sixth place in our second freestyle ever after our premiere in Mannheim. Benaglio is getting more and more confident and I can ride him more and more. So, we are on the absolutely right track!

Munich was a lot of fun and we are very grateful to our trainer Isabell Werth and our team! I was also very happy that my father and Helmut accompanied us and cheered us on. The Pferd International offers a great mix of all conceivable facets of equestrian sport: from the classic disciplines of dressage and jumping to vaulting, working equitation and all conceivable breed diagrams. The organisation, the grounds, the spectator backdrop - simply great! Now we are preparing for our own gymnast in two weeks in Achleiten and we are doing everything to make it as pleasant as possible for our guests, whether riders or horses.