13.08.2020 | Age: 4

Fritzens: Super performances in the „oven“

Phew, we would say that we can stand a lot - but the heat in Fritzens was really an "oven".

Valparaiso. Photos: Rzepa

Silky Moves

With my father

Fackeltanz OLD


So we were all the more pleased about the performance of our horses at the anniversary tournament at the Schindlhof. They coped very well with the temperatures beyond the 30-degree mark and were super, super motivated. Above all Valparaiso, who won the St. Georges with 73.90% ahead of Dorothee Schneider with her Smirnoff (73.70%). "Vali" is simply fun!! He is becoming more and more self-confident and you can see that in the square. His last races were in Achleiten and in Munich in 74 and 75 laps. I am very grateful to my mother for letting me develop her "high potential".

We were also very happy about Silky Moves. Although the dressage arena in Fritzens offers a lot of distraction, he did a great job concentrating on Stefan's aids and showed a really nice round, especially in the Inter I. With 69.44% they were in fourth place - and will certainly be able to use their great possibilities even more with increasing power. The beginning is made in any case!

And with that we can already look back at Torch Dance OLD, who together with Stefan achieved a new personal best of 75.02% in the Grand Prix Freestyle and ranked fifth behind the winners Isabell Werth and Don Johnson FRH. Stefan takes the mistakes that happened at the end of the test on his cylinder. We are really excited about "Torch". This motivates very much for the future work!

We have already said it several times and we are happy to repeat it again at the end of the 25th edition of the Manfred & Hilde Swarovski Memorial Tournament: there is simply no better, more loving, more horse-friendly and more familiar way to organize a tournament than Klaus, Evelyn, Marie and Max Haim-Swarovski. Together with their team, they also did everything possible to make the heat more bearable - and were rightly rewarded with a new attendance record.  

Our congratulations still go to our trainer Isabell, who dominated the Grand Prix Tour with Jonny and her Bella and brought home her fourth overall victory in a row - and to her student Lisa Müller with her new Personal Best performance as runner-up in the Special Tour.
Of course, we don't forget our tireless team at this point: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!