13.08.2020 | Age: 4

I'm really excited about Rocky

In October we started together for the first time - his very first GP - and today he wins the Special in Salzburg‼️‼️ with 72,149%.

He is super motivated, concentrates (despite the lavish Christmas decorations and the closeness to the spectators) and always wants to do everything right. And he gets more and more routine.

I already noticed that yesterday in the Grand Prix, where he came second with 70.435%. Of course, we had a few little things here and there. We will work on that for the future, as well as on his strength.

But the dynamics and elegance that Rocky shows is really impressive and gives you goose bumps - for me in the saddle too!

With his 9 years he was the absolute youngest horse in the field. Only at the award ceremony, when he was a bit baffled by the many lights, I had to give him a bit of security and peace of mind.

Thank you, dear Rocky, dear Salzburg organizer team and dear Salzburg audience for this great Santa Claus gift.

A special thanks goes to Isabell, who supported me with the last preparation for the exam right after her ride with Quintus. And of course, to my family and my team. It's great to know that there are people around you who support you so wholeheartedly. Thanks!