13.08.2020 | Age: 4

Place 4 (!!!) in the World Cup Grand Prix on Saturday - wohooo!

First Rocky - now Benny. My both horses are really a madness!!!!!

Benny went a really nice Grand Prix. That was fun!! He felt great the days before and again today while riding. In between maybe a little bit shy - but I notice he is getting more self-confident from time to time! This could be seen especially in the canter work, which we succeeded with a lot of expression and many 8s! And there is still a bit more in it, in my Benny. With 72,109% we placed fourth (!!!) place!

Stefan was also doing well with Fackel, in his very first World Cup Grand Prix appearance! He had great highlights, but unfortunately also bad luck with the change error, which cost many points.

We were especially happy about Belinda's seventh place with her Miss Auguste MJ.