13.08.2020 | Age: 4

"W" for World Cup or just WOW!

That was a weekend - above all expectations!

Photos: Dill

Let's start with Stefan and Fackel, who started today for the first time in a World Cup Freestyle. With cool music, super expressive canter and beautiful highlights also in trot, the result was a great 73.36% and 9th place - thus second best Austrian. Chapeau!!! Unfortunately they were just one place out of the ranking. I was really happy for both of them - even if watching from the outside is always very bad - I am really annoying!

Benny was really fantastic! We have reworked his freestyle from Stuttgart to now in Salzburg - re-recorded it and increased the difficulty level. A tight schedule with a bit of courage - but this strategy worked out perfectly. Everything worked out great and I am just very, very, very happy.

Benny has always delivered from Nice, Herning via Stuttgart until now in Salzburg. And every time a little bit better. To be honest, I did, considering that he only finished his first GP in April - not daring to hope.

And then he definitely exceeded my expectations by far: 78.525%, "personal best" and 3rd (!!!) behind the winner Isabell on Emilio (85.905%) and the runner-up Benjamin Werndl with his Daily Mirror (84.705).

And then in the great atmosphere of Salzburg, it's double fun! After a few years break it was great to ride in Salzburg again - great show - great audience! And congratulations to Belinda and Timna, who collected World Cup points with Miss Auguste MJ and Chico! Great!
With our results we could also contribute valuable points to the Olympic ranking of Team Austria.

At the end of the year it will be clear which nations have the chance to send riders to the Olympic Games next August. So now we have to keep our fingers crossed! It goes into the final spurt!

We would like to thank not only our horses, who fought so well at this long tournament, but all those who contributed to the success: my family, our friends, our team and especially Isabell, who supported us again with her warm up despite her tight schedule!

A very special thanks also goes to the audience in Salzburg and the organizers and helpers of the "Amadeus Horse Indoors" for such an atmospheric tournament! We are already looking forward to next year!