13.08.2020 | Age: 4

New season in „New“münster

Very, very, very satisfied, super great sport and party atmosphere in the hall - this is the short summary of our first international tournament this year - for which we were in Neumünster for the first time.

Photos: Lafrentz / privat

I'm happy to give way to the birthday boy Stefan, who has certainly given himself the greatest gift with Fackel and a mega performance in the World Cup Freestyle.

Both of them were already very well on the way in the Grand Prix and were able to collect many valuable points with expressive passages and a spirited canter (tenth place with 69.304%). Also, the fact that the spectators in Neumünster could almost pat the horses' necks, sitting so close to the arena, Fackel did not bother them. On the contrary, both were able to transform the atmosphere into positive energy. And that in their just second World Cup freestyle!!! And in such a crowded field!!! Chapeau!!!

At the beginning of the Grand Prix trot tour, Benny was still relatively intimidated by the arena. But in the course of the test he became more and more self-confident and was able to really score points, especially in the canter lessons (ninth place).

On Sunday he clearly gained confidence and we were able to make full use of the difficulty of our freestyle. We also had nice highlights in the reinforcements and sideways and our piaffes were already beautifully improved. This was then reflected in the A-grade, which ranged between 72.250 and 74.250%. With a total of 77.070% (!!) we became seventh behind the winning quartet from Germany: Jessica von Bredow-Werndl with TSF Dalera BB, Isabell Werth with Emilio, Helen Langehanenberg on Damsey FRH and Benjamin Werndl with Famoso OLD.

We are super, super happy with our horses, who after a two month competition break, have made a strong comeback in the arena.

Neumünster was worth the (long!!) trip: great conditions for riders and horses and a great atmosphere. Already in the Grand Prix the hall was full! Where can you find something like that ... Many thanks to the organizers Bettina and Paul Schockemöhle! And of course, to Isabell. And to our team!

We are totally happy and now already on our way home - but we don't want to forget to congratulate Peter (Gmoser) on his Sunday birthday. And Astrid (Neumayr) who has her special day one day later! Happy Birthday and everything, all the best! So actually quite a lot to celebrate

And thanks for keeping your fingers crossed for all of you!