13.08.2020 | Age: 4

What a weekend!!!

An exciting, but above all emotional weekend lies behind us.

Abbgelen FH. Photos: Achleiten

Siegerehrung mit Isabell, Frederik und Florian



Caracciola MT/Melanie Tewes

Quracao/Wolfgang Himsl

The first tournament since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the first home tournament without my father, the first joint "International" with Abegglen as partner and the first freestyle for Rocky (and that even with over 81%!!) Many "first times" these were ... but everything in sequence.

First of all - this year one of them didn't stand at the square under the tree in the corner and was feverish as usual... My dad. It was an emotionally turbulent home tournament without him - I miss him a lot - but he must have watched us from above and was certainly very proud of us.

A big thank you to Mom and the whole long-time tournament team, who dared to organize a tournament under top conditions while adhering to all Corona requirements. Another special thank goes to Stefan and my family for their support, as well as to my team in the stable, who did a great job as always. Without all of them the successes would not be possible.

But now to SPORT!

I am very thankful and happy about our achievements this weekend.

Abegglen and I have not been "Partners in Crime" for so long. Before our international debut we introduced ourselves only once to a panel of judges.

Now the first appearance in front of an international audience followed and I have to say that I was very impressed, both by the feeling in the saddle - with so much power and dynamics - and by the remarkable scores. A remarkable 76.4% in the Grand Prix and 77.7% in the Grand Prix Special! I had never dared to dream of this before. The results meant 2 times 2nd place behind the world number 1, Isabell Werth. Yes, that's right! After scheduling conflicts in the past years, Isabell has found a place in her tournament calendar this year - another first time that made me particularly happy and proud.

I would like to thank Isabell especially for her support and coaching.

And of course, the world number one has ridden herself in both Grand Prix tours...

She brought her top horse, Emilio, to Achleiten for the freestyle tour. In the Grand Prix Special Tour she saddled our Quaterback son Quantaz! 4 outstanding victories with remarkable rides made the dressage riders heart beat faster.

Quantaz has developed fantastically and on Sunday, when he won the Grand Prix Special, he even broke the 80% mark with a lot of elasticity, power and expression.

A special guest came especially from North Rhine-Westphalia to keep his fingers crossed in our castle park. Marcus Hermes - Abegglen's trainer - insisted on being present in person at our debut. Thank you very much for your support!

Rockabilly and I were also able to finish 2nd in the freestyle tour twice. With a great round in the Grand Prix, we were able to crack our personal high score of 73.5%. In our first freestyle together - which we admittedly hadn't practiced yet due to a lot of spontaneity and even more courage - we achieved an unbelievable 81,1%. Rocky really enjoys the pretty rocky music of Status Quo!

We were also pleased with the results of our rider Melanie Tewes who dominated the FEI classification of seven-year-old horses with the Vorwerk stallion Caracciola MT, followed by Wolfgang Himsl with Duracao. Melanie also placed second in the Small Tour with Bella Laguna OLD.

Now we will relax for a few days and then we will start again.

After the tournament is before the tournament.

And of course, it will be filed further. After all, together we want to gain even more security and routine. As you know, this takes time and patience, but we are already looking forward to the next tasks and tournaments!