07.10.2020 | Age: 4

The Men Gang: Abbegglen, Rocky, Quantaz and Fackeltanz

Floodlight premiere, rain shower, super response - these are the keywords for the tournament in Hagen, our last outdoor tournament in this very special (Corona) season.

Rocky Pictures: Rüchel


Fackeltanz und Stefan

Quantaz und Isabell Werth

Rocky made the beginning, and he did it really well again!
A 2nd place in the Grand Prix with a nice 73% as a result confirmed in a good field the great form which he has already held over three tournaments in Achleiten super. In his very first floodlit freestyle, in which it really rained REALLY, we got again a close 2nd place with 77.55%. He was in a really good mood again, very committed and always with a great tendency to go uphill. He seems to enjoy showing himself and neither the floodlight nor the rain could impress him - despite all the positive forward energy, he stays with me very, very well with his 10 years of age, which is young for a GP horse. Unfortunately, mistakes in the change tour crept in but here and there the routine and the power will give us even more security in the future - I am very much looking forward to our upcoming competitions!

And not only Rocky did a really good job - Abegglen did a great job too! Here, too, a test - the Qualifying Grand Prix for the Special - was held under floodlight. As far as I know this was a premiere for him as well. And I think we managed it quite well - we made an expensive mistake in the canter, which I admittedly overslept a bit after the great feeling in the piaffe. He has a really significant movement sequence with an incredibly active hind leg and stays nicely closed. He really wants to get away from the ground like the impressively jumped up gallop change. And it's exactly this energy that I'm going to channel a little more in the further work now through our joint fine-tuning. For the many great moments in the Grand Prix, 75.848% and 6th place in a very strong field - perhaps one of the strongest in this "Corona year" led by our Quantaz. Isabell presented him with many highlights and won absolutely deservedly with just under 80% (79.913%) and a clear distance to the competition. Very impressive how he has developed in such a short time ...

In the special we could show again many highlights, but unfortunately also two mistakes. For example in a piaffe where we didn't quite agree on the point and it was a bit stormy in the transition. So it goes without saying on my top hat ... And we started the twosome changes with a little too much momentum and therefore a triple change. Both unfortunately very expensive. That explains the 73.340 % and tenth place. Once again, Isabell and Quantaz showed a very impressive round! From time to time there is more routine and calmness - it is not yet evening every day! ;-) With again over 80% they took the victory!

Stefan had brought his Fackel with him to Hagen, for whom it was, after Neumünster in mid-February, his second away tournament this season. Travelling again after such a long time actually made him a bit anxious and in the Grand Prix he was very distracted. Nevertheless, the two showed very nice reinforcements, traversals, tempo changes and pirouettes. In the freestyle it went much better again. Fackeltanz is really a great freestyle horse! With almost 75 percent they placed eighth in this great field in floodlight and heavy rain! ....Great compliment!

I am super, super proud of my two horses, who have developed very well from the last show in Achleiten to now in Hagen. We are growing together more and more! I was also very happy about the great feedback for the two horses in Hagen.

The tips from Isabell are invaluable for us. The cooperation with her means a lot to us professionally and personally! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my family and my team, Simone and Jozef, for their great support. And of course also to the Kasselmann family, who took the trouble to put together a great tournament in these difficult times! And of course also to the dear Steffi, who takes such excellent care of Quantaz!