02.11.2020 | Age: 2

First joint victory in Vilhelmsborg!

Vilhelmsborg was worth the trip!

Photo: Ridehesten

Photo: privat

Not only because Abegglen had a great start into the indoor season here - but also the facility of the Danish Kennel Club is really worth seeing.

Abegglen did really well in both competitions - that meant: first joint victory in the Grand Prix (74.174%) and second place in the Special (75.298%). I'm very enthusiastic about how consistently and committed he was, especially in the Pi-Pa Tour. We are growing together more and more and of course I am more than satisfied with the result of our first international indoor tournament in a highly competitive environment. The feeling he gives you as a rider is really, really impressive! Although we still had a few small things and a little stumble, but otherwise it worked like clockwork and with a lot of expression and naturalness. I think Isabell was also quite happy with us, who even conjured up a freestyle routine with her Emilio in the World Cup Tour that couldn't have been better.

The tournament was perfectly organized - especially under the difficult Corona conditions, but the atmosphere was still great. In any case, Abby felt good from the very first moment. He arrived in Vilhelmsborg fresh and full of energy despite the long journey. I rode along with Simone in the van as we had never been to Vilhelmsborg before and as a couple the first orientation is always easier.

In the meantime, we have returned home safely. At the moment, it's impossible to say exactly what the further season planning will look like - that will only become clear in the next days and weeks. But now I'm looking forward to the further work with my horses, which I enjoy very much! Together with my family, Isabell and my team - many, many thanks for your great support!