Argentino, my beloved four-legged teacher "Il Professore", celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2016 – but he still is vital and ready for a joke as ever. He's just a phenomenon!

At that time we trained with my father and I easily managed with him the change from ponies to big horses. I owe him my first EC-metal in 1999 in the class for juniors and the first victory in the State Championship in 2003 in the seniors class. 2003/2004 we debuted successfully in the World Cup Tour. In 2007 the dark brown Westphalian gelding, who had been bred by Bernhard Wiechert/GER, retired - then 21 years old and fit like a youngster.

Finally he taught many of our riders the entire Grand Prix repertoire, which he really knows perfectly by heart- but sometimes if unfamiliar noises occur he even tested the riders’ abilities to stay in the saddle. I like to remember our last performance together in public in 2009 at a gala in the Spanish Riding School in Vienna - he was 23 then and just danced through the arena.

Dear Agrigento - thanks for the wonderful time together !!! I have learned so much from you, even if your “spookyness” often drove me crazy. I am delighted that you enjoy your retirement. Let us have many more years together!

  • Agrigento took third place in the 2005 Grand Prix in Dortmund.
  • In 2001 in Aubenhausen/GER he stood right beside Cockney under Nadine Capellmann/GER
  • And then once again ...
  • …in Dortmund/GER.
  • Our performance was also convincing at one of my favorite shows...
  • ... in Wattens with the Swarovski family.
  • Meanwhile, Agrigento is retired, although you wouldn’t believe it with that sassy look he has...
  • ... and he hasn’t forgotten how to do anything either when ridden by Sabine Antlinger...


Il Professore

Dark bay gelding, born May 9, 1986
Breeder: Bernhard Wiechert, Tecklenburg/GER


Akzent II
Waidmannsdank xx


His sire Akzent II, who was stationed at the Amselhof in Walle with Joachim Kemmer, was well-known for passing on outstanding rideability. His dam Flora also produced two advanced (S) level dressage horses, Anonym and Attraktiv (by Artwig) as well as a mare named Dorina (by Der Clou), who not only produced an advanced (S) level dressage horse (Diva by Davignon I) but also an advanced (S) level show jumper (Anyway by Argentinus). Flora’s daughter Aimee (by Argentinus) placed in medium (M) level dressage and became the dam of Sorbonne (by Sandro Hit) who is also a broodmare at Schloss Achleiten.


4th place Grand Prix free-style (Dortmund/GER)
4th place Grand Prix Special (Stadl Paura)
6th place Grand Prix (Dortmund/GER)
7th place Grand Prix (Stadl Paura)

2 x 2nd place Grand Prix free-style (Munich/GER u. Stadl Paura)
2nd place Grand Prix (Stadl Paura)
3rd place Grand Prix (Dortmund/GER)
2 x 5th place Grand Prix-Kür (Bremen/GER u. Dortmund/GER)

1st place Grand Prix Freestyle (Munich/GER)
4th place Grand Prix (Achleiten)
5th place Grand Prix (Munich/GER)
7th place Grand Prix (Frankfurt/GER)
8th place Grand Prix Special (Frankfurt/GER)
9th place Grand Prix (Stuttgart/GER)

1st place Grand Prix Freestyle (Munich, Fritzens-Wattens)
2nd place Grand Prix Freestyle (Achleiten)
3rd place Worldcup Freestyle (Marienbad/CZE)

Austrian National Champion (Kreuttal)

Team Bronze Medal at EJC (Achleiten)
Individual Bronze Medal at EJC